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HUE Board of Trustees consists of an elite University Professors in Different Fields and Scientific colleges; faculty of medicine, faculty of Dentistry, faculty of engineering and commerce. this is turn Makes the university′ trend a production of Experience and academic background. This Trend Puts the Scientific Excellence at the Podium and Targets to create a unique Generation of graduates.

HUE Board of Trustees :

Prof. Ibrahim Saber Nasr Chairman of Board of Trustees
Prof. Hassan Ahmed Al Shenawy Vice-president
Prof. Akram Abass El Awady HUE President
Prof. Amr Ezzat Salama Former Minister of Higher Education
Prof. Ahmed Gamal El Deen Moussa Former Minister of Education
Prof. Zahy Hawas Former minister of Ministry of Tourism
Mr. Abdel Raof El Reedy Former ambassador of Egypt in the US
Prof. Ahmed Bayoumy Shehab El-Deen Former President of Mansoura University
Prof. Farha Al Shenawy Former Vice-President of Post-Graduation Studies at Mansoura University
Prof. Adel El Sayed Nasr Deif Former Dean of Faculty of Engineering, Mansoura University
Mr. Abdel Aziz Abdel Tawab Al Gendy Chairman of Alexandria Wood Company