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Quality Assurance Center


Quality insurance processes require an exact delineation of education, learning and instructing strategies and linking them to learning outcome. Education, learning and instructing strategies are regarded as the most influential elements in the program's success and quality.

In light of quality insurance requirements and modern teaching & instruction approaches in higher education, it was necessary to concentrate on selecting strategies leading to active learning .It was also vital to stress the role and effectiveness of the learners and the way they have to be stimulated to learn and positively participate.

Strategies of education, learning and instructing vary and differs from one educational program to another due to a difference in the program and curriculum nature and learning outcome.

This booklet seeks to a give a survey of the most prominent widespread strategies of education and learning as well as instructing strategies.


Access to the University of Horus to apply quality systems according to national standards.


Ensuring the quality of the educational process, research and community service and continuous development.

Team of the Quality Assurance Center at Horus University

Name specialty
Prof. Shaza Mohamed Hammad Director of Quality Assurance Center
Prof. Sahar Refaat Mostafa Deputy Director of Quality Assurance Center
Yasmine Ahmed Abdelhakim Zayed Technical Director of Quality Assurance Center
Dr. Basma Refaat Al-Sherbini Specialist Anatomy Laboratory and Laboratory Quality
Faculty of Dentistry
Dr. Rana Mohammed Al-Ghazali
Dr Amr Abutaleb Aboutaleb
Dr. Mohamed Reda Ahmed El Shafei
Dr. Amir Ashraf Mohammed Sweilem
Dr. Mohammed Adel Al-Husseini
Dr. Noha Taher
Dr. Moshera Hamed Yassin Abdel-Barr
Faculty of Pharmacy
Dr Khalid Mohammed Abdul Moneim Abu Al Saud
Dr. Samar Ahmed Ahmed Sayed Antar
Dr. Maha Mahmoud Kamel
Dr. Mostafa Ahmad Hassan Abu Al-Ainyen
Dr. Abdel Nasser Abdo Ahmed Hassan
Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Abdel Moneim El Souda