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Stages of HUE University Plan Outlining

First Stage

Analyzing Current Situation (Organizational and Strategic Analysis)

  • Determining targets of the leaders and the board of trustees.
  • Analyzing the internal & external community of the university.
  • Competition situation.
  • Analyzing the gap.
Second Stage

Building a Strategic Plan (strategic targets)

  • Formulating the vision and mission and the values& the strategic targets.
  • Outlining strategic targets.
  • Outlining policies and strategies (activities).
  • Outlining the executive plan.
Third Stage

Approval of the strategic plan (starting plan accomplishment)

  • Approval of executive plan.
  • Starting plan accomplishment inside and outside the university.

Strategic Targets of the Plan :

The first target is dedicated to achieve the efficiency of the institutional capability to improve the competitive situation.

Goals :-

  1. Developing the mechanisms of attracting distinguished staff and keeping them in the university.
  2. Selecting qualified members of academic and management leaders according to objective criteria and transparent mechanisms to accomplish quality and authority exchange.
  3. Developing the hierarchy of management and the institutional missions in HUE.
  4. Using financial and human resources to raise the efficiency of educational and research system to serve the society.
  5. Prepare and electronic system, which allows documentation.
  6. Developing accountability systems to strengthen the essential values of HUE.
The second target: supporting and strengthening the educational system and increasing the competitive ability of HUE students.

Goals :-

  1. Offering a distinguished educational system that equals labor market needs.
  2. Developing the educational programs and curriculum to approve the national academic normative standards.
  3. Developing students evaluation system to measure the educational outputs.
  4. Outline activities to support innovation and leadership.
  5. Developing the strategy of teaching and learning to support self-education to obtain professional skills.
The third target: developing the capability and staff's skills to enhance the offered services.

Goals :-

  1. Increasing staff participation in research projects, nationally and internationally.
  2. Increasing staff participation in staff exchange programs with different universities and colleges.
  3. Raising staff participation in international scientific publishing of their researches and increasing their participation in international conferences.
  4. Assigning financial aids to finance staff research projects.
The fourth target

Goals :-

  1. Support an increase of HUE cooperation with international institutions.
  2. Develop HUE website to serve different concerned parties.
  3. Encourage student exchange nationally and internationally to increase their international experience.
  4. Renewing accredited centers for training and obtaining international certificates.
The fifth target

Goals :-

  1. Framing HUE plan and sub-dividing college research plan out of it.
  2. Outlining policies and mechanisms to support scientific research is an innovative priority.
  3. Framing indications to measure the effectiveness of scientific research.
  4. Forming effective national and international partnership.
  5. Developing research laboratories and their supportive potentials of scientific research in different fields.
The sixth target: consolidate partnerships between HUE and civil community with the interest in environmental development.

Goals :-

  1. Framing a plan for community service and the surrounding environment.
  2. Establishing and developing administrational entities (unites/centers/committees) concerned with community service and developing the environment in the university.
  3. Marketing educational outputs of HUE.
  4. Developing a central database to document all HUE partnerships and communal services.
The seventh target: raising competitive skills of alumni.

Goals :-

  1. Strengthening student support system financially, healthily, socially and academically.
  2. Developing policies of field training and its mechanisms to follow its execution.
  3. Framing mechanisms to attract distinguished and incoming students.
  4. Strengthen ties between the university and alumni to accomplish equivalence between labor market needs and community developments.
  5. Adopting a professional development policy and continuing education for alumni.