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Mission & Vision

HUE Vision

Horus university′s main Goal is to be a Prominent Figure in the Educational Field atthe Middle East.
This Goal Will only be achieved Through Both Participating and Contributing in the Cultural, Technological, social and political Development of the Arabic World as a whole.
Moreover, Hue Targets to build a new, Productive, Independent and Responsible Generation Will Leave aDistinctive Sign through Scientific Research and Applied Methodology in all fields of study;Sciences, Economics, Media, Engineering and Medicine…etc.

HUE Mission

(HUE) provides its students with all the needs that create an integrated Educational atmosphere which guarantees a prospective successful Educational scheme.
In turn, the student will be a well –fit graduate both on the behavior level and academic Knowledge level.
(HUE) graduate will be a Productive Promising strength able to get Benefits to the extreme from the surrounding environment in order to match with the changing long steps of our scientific and technological world.

HUE Values

1- Quality and Excellence:
Compliance with quality standards issued by the National Authority for Quality Assurance and Accreditation.
2- leadership and teamwork: -
The University is committed to respecting the individual and institutional leadership roles that drive development with its belief in the importance of teamwork.
3- Justice and Integrity:
All members of the university community are committed to the highest standards of honesty, respect and commitment to all professional ethics.
4- Transparency and accountability:
All members of the university community are committed to respecting their values ​​in all scientific and academic activities.
5- Continuous learning:
The University is committed to supporting continuous learning within and outside the university community.