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 Admission 2020/2021 

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Admission Requirements

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Acceptance Rules

HUE applies the announced rules and decisions of the Supreme Council for Private Universities concerning the new and transferred students.

Admission and Registration

HUE accepts all qualified students to join faculties according to their wishes and according to the minimum grade announced by the Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education and after getting approval from the Admission Office of the Supreme Council for Private Universities.

The Minimum Admission Grade for Egyptian Students :-

  1. Faculty of Dentistry: 90 %
  2. Faculty of Pharmacy: 90 %
  3. Faculty of Physical Therapy: 90 %
  4. The Faculty of Engineering : 80%.
  5. Faculty of Business Administration : 60%

The Minister of Higher Education stressed the need to provide all the required needs to have the largest number of the new comers according to Laws and Regulations. Also, one of the most important rules of admission and registration is having a 5% of Places for the Non-Egyptian students.

The Minimum Admission Grade for Non-Egyptian Students :

  1. The Minimum Admission Grade for Non- Egyptian Students is as follows; 58% for the faculties of Dentistry, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy and Engineering. 
  2. 55% is for Business Administration faculty.


Application Form

Students who would like to join HUE must present the application form accompanied by the required certifications. The application form is available at the admission office inside the university and at the university website.

New Students Requirements:-

First:New Students

  1. Application form that is available at registration and admission office and at the university website.
  2. High school original certificate or equivalent one.
  3. For foreign certificates: supplying the original certification certified from the ministry of foreign Affairs.
  4. Six personal photographs with white-background.
  5. Certificate of birth (Computerized one).
  6. Egyptian male students should apply “2 Gond form from the recruitment region” and “6 Gond form from police station that follows his residence”.
  7. Non-Egyptian students should apply a copy of the ID (passport).

Second: Transferred Students

HUE accepted transferred students after studying an academic year (at least) at other universities. The admission required documents for transferred students are:

  1. Statement degrees approved by the ministry of higher education that shows the previous degrees and grades.
  2. Detailed course specification with the university seal for every passed syllabus.
  3. Abroad learned students must certify the statement degrees and the detailed course specification from the Egyptian Embassy.

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