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what are the Existing faculties at HUE?

The existing faculties include:Faculty of Dentistry,Faculty of Pharmacy,Faculty of Physical therapy,Faculty of Engineering and Faculty of Business Administration.

Is Hue has the presidential approval for establishing the University?

Hue has the presidential approval (No.119 For the year2013) as a private organization located at New Damietta.

When did the study start at Hue?

The Ministerial approval (No.4566 dated 5/9/2016) has approved starting studying at both Faculty of Dentistry and faculty of pharmacy on the Scholastic year 2016/2017.

What are The Diplomas that accepted by HUE faculties?

Hue Faculties accepted the following Diplomas:
  • Arabian High Secondary (SAR, UAE, Kuwait…………)
  • Foreigners Diplomas (IGCSE and American Diploma)

Does HUE accept Students transferred from other universities?

HUE accepts Students transferred from the same Specialization at other Universities .Student in this case must present Studying enrollment report and Curriculum Studying report in order to the make Curriculum equivalent report according to the applied procedures in this regard.

Does HUE Postpone the military recruitment for male students?

Yes, HUE postpones the military recruitment till the student reach the obligatory recruitment age; 28 years old or graduation; what he reaches first.

What is The Location of HUE?

HUE is located on the International) coastal Road in front of New Damietta on the Mediterranean Sea.

Does HUE provide hosting for nonresidential students?

There is currently no plan to stop the provision of accommodation for students

Are HUE graduates eligible to Egyptian health Ministry’s governmental jobs? Are They Eligible to continue their post graduate Studies?

HUE graduates are eligible to Egyptian health Ministry’s governmental jobs. Yes they can enroll on professional syndicates. Yes they can continue their post graduate Studies in all Egyptian Universities.

Are Non –Egyptians Students eligible to be enrolled at HUE?

None Egyptians Students who have equivalent Diploma to the Egyptian high Secondary Diploma –Which is approved from the high Council of Egyptian Universities-are eligible to be enrolled at Hue only after passing the Pre-requisite Fitness and Medical exams.

Does the university provide transportation service to and from the university?

HUE offers a unique service through its transportation fleet that covers Delta area ‎and its suburbs. Believing in integrating high quality services whether on the ‎administrative level or on the academic level, over than, 20 buses of different ‎capacities tour Delta area to ensure safety and quality service to the HUE students. ‎Call 01144455582 to know more about routes and meeting points.‎

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