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Faculty of Medicine

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The Faculty of Medicine (Under Construction)is one of HUE's faculties. The proposal for establishing the faculty is already submitted to The Ministry of Higher Education (Private and National Universities).Our target is to start the first academic year by September 2020. The faculty's vision, mission, message and strategic objectives as specified by the university are:


To become a leading faculty in the field of medical education and research according to the national and international standards


To achieve excellence in medical education, research and community service through collaboration with eminent national and international medical schools.


HUE promises to provide students with the best possible environment, that could enable them to achieve an exceptional level of knowledge, skills and attitudes, to perform their jobs according to the highest international standards, and to become engaged in collaboration with a wider community of reputable national and international universities.


HUE is located in the Coastal City of New Damietta at the Mediterranean Sea. The campus is just a few meters from the sea. HUE has an Eco-Friendly building, well equipped, lecture halls, laboratories, labs, and seminar rooms to meet student needs. WiFi and internet connections are available everywhere. Playgrounds, leisure activities, restaurants, and cafeterias are available. Teaching hospital and other facilities are under construction.


The university is operated under supervision, guidance and regulation of the Egyptian Ministry of higher education (the private and national universities) and The Egyptian Supreme Council of Universities (ESC). HUE is governed by Board of Trustees, University Council and Faculty Councils.

All regulations and bylaws are endorsed by the Egyptian Ministry of Higher education.


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