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HUE faculty of Pharmacy has distinctively laid down its vision in light of modern contemporary world challenges the most significant of which is the great competition in local and global labor market satisfied with no more than capable specialists with qualifications, abilities and skills that best comply with the market. The vision is mainly concerned with achieving distinction in the field of pharmacy through advanced methods of teaching, practical experience and valuable scientific contributions. This is significantly achieved through providing an academic output of pharmacist’s alumnae equipped with up- to- date knowledge and pharmaceutical sciences that have professional skills and abilities.

The faculty is greatly concerned with the application of quality standards to achieve its targets; it attentively selects special elite of capable staff members that work for the completion of such standards. They skillfully teach their students according to education and learning techniques that comply with the age's spirit to guarantee that they acquire knowledge, skills and are going the right way.

HUE Faculty of Pharmacy paved the way for a perfect educational climate by providing all needed modern equipment, required resources and a peaceful, democratic environment. This allows the student to participate in taking decision, practicing cultural and physical activities that help in building a mentally and psychologically stable personality. In addition, the faculty is concerned with developing in him teamwork skills to perfectly prepare him to the labor market. We actually wish our students all good luck and great success in their future career.

Prof/Eman El-bendary

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