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 Admission 2020/2021 

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Dentistry Faculty

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I am deeply and greatly indebted to HUE family including professors, students and employees for their exerted efforts and distinctive academic contributions to set the University in a high eminent place. This is skillfully achieved by working together as one entity with a teamwork spirit.

It is a great honor and pleasure as well to welcome you in such an academic institution that is greatly concerned, from its very beginning, with enlightening the student, providing him with knowledge and   science, supporting his experiences, broaden his mind, finding an outlet for his own skills and energy and backing up the academic and research passion within him.

   HUE seeks to build a balanced student identity in a comprehensive campus that has scientific, academic, spiritual, cultural, artistic and physical education diversity. The campus seeks to develop a desire for innovation and distinction; it also encourages a respect of others' points of views and a development of ethics, teamwork spirit, co-operation and respect of work.

    The university concentrates on scientific research that plays a vital role in its own progress as well as in that of society. In so doing, HUE provides a good academic environment for the students that support innovation in all fields.

Despite the elegant campus and beautiful buildings, we don't count on such a superficial image; we rather persistently work for the completion of novelty, distinction and high quality. We also count greatly on our highly qualified staff of professors and researchers, our comprehensive syllabuses as well as the expected standard image of an HUE alumnus.

As we believe learning and knowledge to be the major reason behind a nation's welfare and progress, we always follow God's words

"وقل اعملوا فسيرى الله عملكم ورسوله والمؤمنون"

Best wishes for you all dear students. Wishes of success, goal attainment and accomplishment.

We pray to God the almighty to support you in every step in a way that makes your parent, and everybody else, feel proud of you. So go ahead as safely and peacefully in God's love, compassion and guidance

Prof/Akram Elawady

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