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Dear Students and Honored Colleagues,

Welcome to The Engineering Faculty at Horus University. It is indeed a pleasure to wish you and our beloved country the best of luck on the beginning of our Academic year.

Our world witnesses a revolution in education which requires us to work hard and to exert our utmost effort to be one of the world leading countries.

Accordingly, the mission and the vision of the Engineering Faculty, Horus University focuses on promoting both the technical and the life skills of our students.  In our Faculty, we take it our mission to apply the international quality systems, specifically (NARS ) The National Academic Reference Standards which is compatable with  ABE (Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology) for the American faculty of Engineering. This in its turn will help our students acquire the skills needed to join the international, the regional, and the domestic labor markets.

To achieve this target, the Faculty of Engineering has crafted a dynamic plan to deliver programs of high quality that reflect excellence and leadership. Our educational program does not embrace traditional educational methods; it is implemented through applying the most recent and innovative teaching methods that promote critical and innovative thinking in a world governed by technological advancements. Our expected outcome definitely will always be an expert, and a highly-qualified grad who is armed with decent work ethics and cultural values.

Dear students, I believe that you ought to target knowledge and not success only, always look up to making the best use of the experiences of your international peers not only the ones of your Egyptian peers, and those of your professors too. Always be open to exchanging experiences to have better opportunities in life, and always be proud of yourselves and of your Egyptian identity fostered by a great civilization which is as old as history.

Finally, I find it our duty to help you become better citizens who are ready to serve our beloved country by all means.

 Best Regards,


Prof. Mohamed Ahmed Dabaon

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