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Dear senior & junior staff members, University employees and students, I welcome all HUE members from staff members, employees, students and everybody else who participates in building a future for our own country to help it take a considerably distinctive place among nations.

I pray to God to help our university (HUE) to safely and constantly rise till it becomes a leading scientific enlightening center for researchers and scientists.

We live in an age of a constantly developed technology and a scientific revolution that keeps on going due to boundless advances in scientific and intellectual researches and its consequences of life style development in all fields: the academic, social, cultural and others. This motivates us to go ahead asking for more academic achievements and accomplishments. This is simply our message to HUE staff members who are widely renowned with their academic as well as scientific preeminence and distinction all among Egyptian universities. Hence, we actually call upon them to persistently and continuously follow and replicate world scientific progress to help themselves as well as HUE to rise above all expectations.
A taken for granted indisputable truth is that man, if well equipped with science that is progressive , enhancing and keeping up with human civilization is first and foremost a major reliable stick in building civilizations.

It goes without saying that a variously gifted man, who is capable of participating in progress, is the most precious human resource in contemporary world. Therefore, HUE board of trustees is keen on building a student's identity in the university community and on making scientific research always at hands. This is effected by putting plans and modern university strategies plus providing services and technologically well-equipped labs that play a role in raising academic and intellectual level. This is meant to keep the university a part of world and contemporary civilization.
We also have to exert all efforts and entirely employ available material and abstract resources cooperating with the most eminent international universities and institutions to create a generation with the best experiences and scientific qualifications. This produced capable generation gives itself to academic innovation and scientific progress. Therefore, the way towards invention, distinction and eminence, that is our target, would be open wide ahead to HUE students.
HUE board of trustees together with our scholars, professors, employees and students would save no efforts to achieve the university's academic and scientific target to be globally ranked, according to international accreditation, as one of quality top achiever universities.
Finally, I wish you all good luck and success. May God's peace and blessing be upon you .

Prof/Ibrahim Saber

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