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New Damietta at a glance

The new city of Damietta is one of the most promising tourist attractions. It represents a huge achievement in the field of reconstruction and the establishment of new urban communities that contribute to facing the problems of urbanization in Egypt and the structural restructuring of Egypt's population map by establishing urban launching areas in new centers suitable for localization of projects. Humans are no longer on the farmland .

" New Damietta City was established for the decision of the Prime Minister No. (546) for the year 1980.
The city is located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea with a length of 9 km and away from the city of Damietta about 4.5 km "


The current 150,000 people - the current target of 171 thousand people and target in 2027 - 500 thousand people
Total number of housing units implemented in the city 46906 units
Number of 16046 housing units implemented by the Authority, including 6114 youth housing, 3010 low housing
With the exception of 30,500 ports by the private sector and others

Services sector

Number of service buildings 98 building in the city, 6 building services Damietta Port.

Roads and communications

• 504 km of road networks have been implemented
• A total of 2 main stations with a total capacity of 20,000 lines were implemented
• Communications networks with a length of 199 km have been implemented.

Industry sector

• The number of producing factories is 510 with an invested capital of LE 682 million with an annual output of LE 381 million, which allowed 13000 job opportunities with an annual wage of 156 million pounds.                                 
• The number of factories under construction is (97) factories with an invested capital of LE 116 million, generating 3200 jobs with annual wages estimated at 26 million pounds

Investment (4.108) billion pounds

• Housing sector (EGP 1393 million) - Services sector (EGP 240.2 million)
• Utilities (LE 2391.3 million) • Agriculture Sector (LE 51.9 million)