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Student Services & Facilities

The university’s role is not only scientific one but it exceeds to play major role in all activities that can support the student through his / her study. This will be done through presenting variable program which prepare the student to face life responsibilities after graduation this in turn will make the faculty a source of spreading cultural, social, religious and scientific ideas.

Activities of the Student Welfare Department:
  • Social activity, trips and camps
  • Arts Activity
  • Cultural activity
  • Sports
  • Student Families
  • Scouts and Public Services
  • Science Club

The university Hostel is considered to be one of the most important facilities of the university, The Hostel was established to guarantee safety for the students especially the non-residence students

Students Support office (SSO):

The Students Support office provides Student with special care specially for excellent and talented students, as well as for those who academic problems

English Language Program:

the university is taking into consideration teaching different English courses which is an integral part of the program of each faculty of the university intensive courses in English with the main objective of improving English proficiency the university students to meet the requirements of the university

Medical Center:

the university’s medical Center is run by the university doctors and nurses. A specialized hospital is also under construction


The university provides Transportation from and to the university all buses are well prepared in order to make student feeling comfortable during their way till they reach to the university supervisor are existing in buses to ensure the students safety

Food court :

The university provides variety of foods and beverages for the students, all meals are healthy and well packed to ensure clean and healthy food for the university Students

Photo copy Center:

The university serves Photo Copying Center which is available during the academic year The Center is under the supervision of the university’s observation

Security :

Security is regarded one of the most important and vital departments at the university HUE is supported by the largest number of well-trained securities members to maintain the security and safety of students inside and outside the university premises

university library:

the university’s library grants the university students an access to the largest digital libraries around the world that helps the university students accomplish their academic needs