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Academic Advising and Rules of registration

The faculty's council or its representative distribute the faculty's students to academic advisers from staff members and their assistants according to a recommendation from the committee of teaching and students affairs with regard to the scientific major of the staff member and his/her academic experiences. The academic advisor might be the student's advisor till graduation.

The obligations and duties of the academic advisor:

1- Discussing the student's educational preferences and leading and helping him to choose the courses he enrolls in for and deciding the suitable academic load in each semester according to his/her case and abilities. The academic advisor's opinion is regarded as instructive non-compulsory as the student is responsible for the courses he enrolls in.

2- Helping the student in dropping a course or more from the courses he enrolls in or adding a course or more to the courses he enrolls in. This must be done in a way that does not affect in both cases the system stated by the faculty's council as well as the faculty's internal regulation system.

3- Following up the student's performance in the courses he enrolls in all over the academic year and taking notes of all data related to the student's case study and his/her results.

4- The observation of the student of bad academic standing for a semester while reducing his academic load to the minimum. This is done according to the approval of the faculty's council due to a recommendation from the committee of education and student affairs.