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Faculty of Business Administration

Business Administration Majors

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The bachelor’s degree in accounting allows you to build a solid foundation in financial and managerial accounting, auditing, and taxation. Students acquire a sufficient variety and depth of knowledge to start careers in accountancy, Accountants are at the center of every organization and the work they do has become increasingly complex and diverse, offering great opportunities for graduates in accounting, business or in the financial services sector. or to continue their education at postgraduate level.Career examples: Accountant (CPA), Auditor, Tax Specialist, Controller, Director of Finance


The Management option addresses the needs of industry and commerce for adaptable problem solvers with knowledge both of organizations and of information technology. The program seeks to provide you with managerial skills that are cross-functional and applicable in many different organizational contexts. It balances practical- and analytical-skills development to improve your decision-making processes. It emphasizes the need to manage for continuous performance improvement, the need to manage for the organization’s relationship to its environment.Career examples: Chief Executive Officer, Business Analyst, Project Manager, Management Consultant

FINANCE and investment

Finance equips you with the necessary tools for a career in corporate finance or investments. You will cover topics in personal finance, corporate finance and investment, risk, banking and international finance, including general business subjects such as financial management theory and practice, financial instruments, and modern valuation techniques. The degree is aimed at enabling graduates to succeed in the dynamic, fast-moving financial services industry Career examples: Stockbroker, Financial Advisor, Risk and Investment Analyst, Chief Financial Officer


Marketing is designed to help you acquire the practical skills that are essential within the changing business environment and to enable you to pursue a business career or further academic study. The program emphasizes how and why people and organizations purchase and consume goods and services, via a system of organizational activities designed to plan, develop, price, promote, and distribute products and services.Career examples: Market Analyst, Promotions and Communications Officer, Sales manager, Product and Brand manager, Relationship manager, Mark manager, Publicist/Public Relations manager, Digital or Social Media Marketing manager. 


The human resource management program provides you with comprehensive knowledge of how to manage individuals and teams for organizational success. You may obtain a strategic understanding of workforce planning and development, training, compensations and benefits, global human resource management, employee health and safety, and labor law. you will learn how to ensure that both human effectiveness and well-being are maximized.Career Examples: HR Generalist positions (e.g., HR Manager, HR Consultant) and HR specialist positions (e.g. , Employment Equity Specialist, Corporate Recruiter, Corporate Learning Officer, Labor and Employee Relations Specialist)


Economics is about the production, distribution and consumption of goods. A key decision facing workers, firms and nations is what goods to produce. The economic concept of specialization helps answer this question. Under specialization, economic actors concentrate their skills on tasks at which they are the most skilled. Specialization has both micro- and macroeconomic applications. If the study of money interests you, majoring in economics may be the ideal course of study for you. Economics majors study financial systems and analyze market influences like interest rates, taxes and inflation. Rooted in mathematical models, economics majors work in finance, investment firms, government agencies and business fields.

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