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Engineering Faculty

Faculty members and their assistants

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Faculty members and their assistants
Name The scientific degree Department
Prof/ Mohamed A. Dabaon Dean Construction Engineering
Prof/ Emad E. Ismail Professor Construction Engineering
Prof/ Samir E. Hasoon Professor Arabic Language
Prof/ Abdo A. Abd- Elsamad Professor Mechanical design and production engineering
Prof/ Amira F. Helmy Assistant Professor architecture
Prof/ Magdy E. Khalil Assistant Professor Civil Engineering
Prof/Talal M. Mahmoud Assistant Professor Basic sciences
Prof/ Elsayed N. Naser Assistant Professor Arabic Language
Prof/ Waleed E. Raslan Assistant Professor Mathematics
Prof/ Nermien A. Gomaa Assistant Professor English Language
Dr/Walaa O. Farouk Lecturer Mathematics
Dr/Moataz M. Ali Abu Omar lecturer Civil Engineering
Dr/ Reham S. Mohamed lecturer architecture
Dr/ Maher A. Abd-Elhafez lecturer Basic sciences
Dr/Ibrahim A. Abd-elhady lecturer chemistry
Dr/ Mohamed A. Ramadan lecturer Industrial engineering
Dr/ Mohamed A. Abd-elrahman lecturer Power mechanics
Dr/ Shamiaa M. Hasanien lecturer English Language
Dr/ Faten Zahran lecturer English Language
Dr/ Yara H. Elgendy lecturer Human Rights
Dr/ Reham Hassan lecturer Computers & Automatic Control Systems
T.A/Ibrahim A. Goda Teaching Assistant Civil Engineering
T.A/Asmaa A. Mostafa Teaching Assistant Mechanics
T.A/ Mayada E. Elsherbeny Teaching Assistant Architecture
T.A/Abd-elrahman A. Mohamed Teaching Assistant Architecture
T.A/Ghada E. Ahmed Teaching Assistant Physics
T.A/ Mai A. Khaled Teaching Assistant Chemistry
T.A/ Enas L. Elhabaq Teaching Assistant Physics
T.A/ Asmaa E. Mosad Teaching Assistant Physics
D/ Reham E. Ibrahim Demonstrator Architecture
D/Abd-allah A. Abd-allah Demonstrator Mechanics
D/Shamia A. Mohamed Demonstrator Communication
D/ Fatma M. Elblassy Demonstrator Mechanical design and production engineering
D/ Ghaled S. Shteah Demonstrator Micatronics
D/ Abd Elrahman T. Elgohr Demonstrator Micatronics
D/ Noha M. Askar Demonstrator Physics
D/ Basma N. Hassan Demonstrator Chemistry
D/ Elzahra M. Abd Elkhalek Demonstrator Chemistry

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